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The Solstice Project

chaco glyph2
The Solstice Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to the study of the rich astronomical heritage of the ancient Chaco culture of the American Southwest. Founded in 1978 by Anna Sofaer, initial efforts of the Project focused on the study, documentation and preservation of the Sun Dagger site -- a remarkable celestial calendar of the ancestral Pueblo Indians. Subsequent Solstice Project research and films have revealed that the Chaco culture's ceremonial architecture was built to align with the cycles of the sun and moon, and that the elaborately engineered Chaco Great North Road was constructed to commemorate celestial north. The Solstice Project's research continues to enrich studies of archaeology, archaeoastronomy, anthropology and Native American cultures.

See the Solstice Project's films The Sun Dagger and The Mystery of Chaco Canyon, narrated by Robert redfrod and broadcast by PBS: and "Chaco Astronomy: an Ancient American Cosmology" book by Anna Sofaer.